"How can I know who I am when I am all this?"

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Nagual 5 - Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nagual 5

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Serial: TXT63
Price: £50
Format: Limited Edition 5xCD Boxed Set (125 Copies)
Released: Jan 2020

The Nagual series continues.. This time spanning 5 CD's and packaged in a limited-edition numbered collectors boxed set designed by KodeTwo.

With 15 artists contributing almost 6hrs of music, the set takes you deep into immersive ambient dreamscapes and on cosmic electronic voyages of discovery.

Field Tangents - Off Land

Artist: Off Land
Title: Field Tangents

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Serial: TXT62
Price: £10
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Oct 2019

Off Land returns with 'Field Tangents', a beatless, seamless, ambient kaleidoscope. 'Field Tangents' combines live performance audio merged with studio sessions to create something that is both unique and familiar. Archived field recordings from various times and locations form a subtle spine, connecting the album's sixteen tracks. Richly melodic and eerily emotive, 'Field Tangents' transports the listener to a prism outside of space and time.

A Clear Horizon - Motionfield

Artist: Motionfield
Title: A Clear Horizon

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Serial: TXT61
Price: £10
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Oct 2019

'A clear horizon... nothing to worry about on your plate, only things that are creative and not destructive'.
Alfred Hitchcock.

When asked his definition of happiness, Hitchcock's intimate answer talked about the removal of negative energy and emotions to provide himself with a clear road ahead to allow his creativity to flourish. With his latest release, Petter Friberg challenges us to go beyond what we think are our limits, fully embracing a sense of flow so that both time and space are forgotten, to give us a renewed energy and joy in a more creative purpose and better quality of life.

'A Clear Horizon' is an exquisite ambient work composed to invoke these feelings and ideas where hypnotic patterns weave around drifting synthscapes, subtle melodies and evolving loops. Let your mind drift and head towards your own clear horizon.

Lygan - Anzio Green

Artist: Anzio Green
Title: Lygan

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Serial: TXT60
Price: £10
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: May 2019

Arriving on TXT after releases on Japanese label Symbolic Interaction and Rednetic Recordings, Wil Bolton (Hibernate, Time Released Sound and Home Normal) and Mark Streatfield (Cement, Ambidextrous and Uncharted Audio) progress their Anzio Green collaborative moniker.

Each previous album had different production techniques and this time with each artist being based either side of the River Lea, it was formed around live sessions at Wil Bolton's East London studio. Utilising a hardware only setup including guitar loops and live processing, with even the beats programmed live on an Electribe, the whole concept was about creating something fluid and evolving... something that evoked the energy but also calmness of rivers and water.

Ad Astra - Confluent Phase

Artist: Confluent Phase
Title: Ad Astra

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Serial: TXT59
Price: £10
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: May 2019

Confluent Phase is a new project by Si Matthews and Dan Armstrong. Combining their talents and influences, they are very proud to release their debut album 'Ad Astra' on TXT.

Emotional ambient with subtle melodies and shimmering pads fused with delicate percussion are delivered here. On this trip you are transported beyond the asteroid belt where the rings of Saturn and the storms on Jupiter become your view. A trip 'to the stars' beyond the limits of the universe.

Soundtracks For Winter Departures - ILUITEQ

Title: Soundtracks For Winter Departures

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Serial: TXT58
Price: £10
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Jan 2019

ILUITEQ is the ambient music project founded by Sergio Calzoni and Andrea Bellucci, renowned musicians of the Italian experimental scene, with several albums released under various monikers and bands ... Orghanon, Colloquio, Red Sector A, Subterranean Source.

With their debut album the duo explores the many facets of ambient music, with a meticulous attention to sound design and smooth melodic arrangements. All the tracks have been conceived with a unique palette of sound timbres, making use of a wide range of sampling and synthesis techniques ... granular, wavetable, FM, additive. The sound is further enhanced by parts of electric guitar, acoustic piano and field recordings.

Instilled by the colours of winter, the music evokes the act of leaving for uncertain destinations, a collection of soundtracks for winter departures.

Imaginary Rivers - Joel Tammik

Artist: Joel Tammik
Title: Imaginary Rivers

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Serial: TXT57
Price: £7
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Dec 2018

...TXT fans will recognise Joel Tammik from his contributions on the Nagual series boxed sets. Now this stalwart of the Estonian underground electronic scene lets open the flood gates with 'Imaginary Rivers' as his first full length release on the label... and with it, Joel takes us on a deep analogue inner journey that drifts and meanders along the waterways of the mind.

Craosa - au Voyage

Artist: au Voyage
Title: Craosa

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Serial: TXT56
Price: £7
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Nov 2018

au Voyage mixes a blend of bespoke analogue and digital technologies in order to abstract a soundworld that is inspired by the landscape. This is realised in the artist's first CD release for TXT Recordings in the form of 'Craosa': a subtle collection of snapshots, vignettes and voyages.

Craosa is a conflation of works only previously heard on the rare Nagual boxed sets. Now available for the first time on CD, each track has been beautifully valve remastered by blackparticle.

Viridian Loops - Wil Bolton

Artist: Wil Bolton
Title: Viridian Loops

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Serial: TXT55
Price: £7
Format: Limited Edition Glass Mastered CD
Released: Nov 2018

While no stranger to the label as one half of Orphic Signals with Lee Norris, 'Viridian Loops' sees Wil Bolton release his first solo album for TXT

As the nights darken and the winter chill starts to creep in, let this album transport you to the exotic island of Sri Lanka, where Wil's field recordings of his time spent there intertwine with the analogue warmth of looping synths and enigmatic, dreamy melodies.

The Journal Of Organic Music - Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: The Journal Of Organic Music

sold out
Released: July 2018

The "Music" of Core-Shell Spheres and Hollow Capsules: Influence of the Architecture on the Mechanical Properties at the Nanoscale. The Journal Of Organic Music captures organic musics created by organic brains.
Limited 2xcd of 100 copies

Music by

Experiments in Silence:Mick Chillage:Ishqamatics:Aythar:Autumn Of Communion:Ishq:Lorenzo Montana:Milieu:Stormloop:Si Matthews:Steve Brand:Porya Hatami and Darren McClure:Sleepy Town Manufacture:Orphic Signals:au Voyage:Cryostasis:Murkok:Tsone:Solipsism

Moonstreams - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Moonstreams

sold out
Released: July 2018

Here we have the massive Autumn Of Communion boxset called Moonstreams.
20 cd boxset with 8 page booklet and artcards.
The boxset includes the new AOC album called Streams which is exclusive to the box and also feature an exclusive remix CD of "Metal" by a selection of Txt artists and more.

Every album has been remastered by blackparticle.

This box documents every release from Autumn Of Communion with each box individually numbered.
Limited to just 120 boxes and only 80 available on the website.
Do not miss this!!

Kalisz Concert - Alio Die

Artist: Alio Die
Title: Kalisz Concert

sold out
Released: April 2018

Alio Die is considered one of the precursors of ambient music in Europe
His music can be described as a very spacious, experimental ambient, combined with many electro-acoustic elements.
This album was recorded at the Kalisz Ambient Festival in Poland.
A beautiful journey from start to finish.
Limited to just 150 copies.

Aten - Indigo Egg

Artist: Indigo Egg
Title: Aten

sold out
Released: June 2018

Ishq morphs into Indigo egg whilst evaoporating ringo star with a lazer gun in favour of miles david style drumatronics to create an album of eqyptronica and psytropic tripped beats , sounds and vortextural anomalies

A spaceship ride across Noospheric dimensions.

Channeled direct from the minds eye of Sun ra on for this momentous occasion Indigo egg creates an album of deep moods, heart warming novelty and the sound of tropical sunrises on distance planets + a hint of the extra terrestrial DNA we all know and love.

Its in us all, Its music from another dimension designed to take you back in time to a future we have yet to behold.

Limited to 150 copies

Nemmit Con - Nacht Plank

Artist: Nacht Plank
Title: Nemmit Con

sold out
Released: May 2018

Lee Norris also known as Metamatics,Norken and one part of Autumn of Communion. Nemmit Con was made in the autumn and early winter of 2017.The last track Unreadable was finished in the last days of December.
Only analog synthesizers and step sequencers were used on this collection of tracks. Nemmit Con is dedicated to Conrad Schnitzler Edgar Froese.

Near:Glow - Steve Brand

Artist: Steve Brand
Title: Near:Glow

sold out
Released: Feb 2018

Near:Glow is a long form elaboration of the track on the same name from Steve's 2017 Near Series trilogy.The piece was chosen because of it's particular cinematic atmosphere where the shadow of clouds roll over vast dark pine forests.Afternoon rain tumbles down mountain rapids and at times the utter silence can feel like pressure on your body. Near:Glow is an astute study of the elements that blends nature and humanity through your speakers.
Limited to 150 cds

Escape To The Skyline - Experiments In Silence

Artist: Experiments In Silence
Title: Escape To The Skyline

sold out
Released: Feb 2018

Experiments in Silence is easily one of the more interesting new names on the ambient scene. Also known as Spatialize, Cornwall-based Neil Butler is no stranger to psychedelic soundscapes. Deep basses, slow pulsing synths and low key beats provide a rhythmic structure, the arctic atmospheres and fractured textures add a darkly beautiful edge.
Neil has also worked with Ishq on a few projects.
You can check out Neil's bandcamp page here
and get lost in his beautiful sound design.
Limited cd of 150 copies

Lyght - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Lyght

sold out
Serial:TXT MATT6
Released: May 2018

Originally released back in 2012 on CD-r it is now time for a proper glass mastered release of this beautiful in demand album by Ishq.
Light...............The ever changing expression of the creative spark, the truth within obscured only by ones own perception.Shimmering reflections, piercing warmth, delicate textures .......Lyght...Ishq

Temple - Crystal Moon

Artist: Crystal Moon
Title: Temple

sold out
Released: Jan 2018

Ishq(Matt Hillier) and Jake Stephenson(Alien Mutation)
Spaced out style music with soaring synth whooshes and cosmic patterns flying all around the heart of the universe while gently undulating synths and rhythms create a feeling of vast open space, almost like a voyage through the universe in slow motion as distant samples and further subtle synth layers are added to the ever evolving soundscapes that is Crystal Moon.

Harmonic Connections - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Harmonic Connections

sold out
Released: Jan 2018

At the start of 2017, Mick Chillage released "Exulansis" A lengthy voyage exploring a vast sonic landscape that is Ambient music. At the end of 2017, Mick returns to txt with "Harmonic Connections" something of a departure from "Exulansis" showcasing his passion and ability to blend and mix many genres within the electronic music sphere. From the spacious grandeur of "Beyond the Infinite" to the soulful Detroit Techno strains of "Choice" the acid-tinged "Room 303" echoes and pays a little respect to the Berlin School experimentalism of the 70's yet keeps its feet firmly in the 21st century. "Harmonic Connections" reveals a connection in the cosmos, nature and music and is a glimpse of Mick's vast musical influences from soundtracks to ambient and experimental electronica that effortlessly connects with moments of IDM and Techno rhythms, often melancholic and equally optimistic "Harmonic Connections" looks to the past and the future with a rich sonic tapestry.

Nagual 4 - Various

Artist: Various
Title: Nagual 4

sold out
Released: Nov 2017

Back by demand!!
Nagual 4 is housed in a clear Eva box with mini card for artwork.Each box is numbered in gold ink. Nagual 4 is a collection from Txt that collates various albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. Spiralling illusionary circuits of sound once again taking us out past the edge of reason into a reality of the imagination focused on the trip itself, not the future, not the past, not now. Limited to 70 copies worldwide with only 50 available from the TXT website. Music by

Mick Chillage
Autumn Of Communion
Juta Takahashi
Steve Brand
Tim Koch
Off Land
Si Matthews
Experiments in Silence
Au Voyage

Between Static And Distance - Cryostasis

Artist: Cryostasis
Title: Between Static And Distance

sold out
Released: October 2017

A collaboration between Si Matthews and Aoide tells the story of humanity's salvation leaving behind an earth no longer viable for life. A sonic exploration describing the search and journey to another habitable planet. The music ranges from deep space ambience to IDM and takes in some of that early 90s Warp sound along the way. As man's destiny hangs in the balance, where will this deep space mission take them?

Limited to 150 glass mastered CD's

Sen - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Sen

sold out
Released: November 2017

Ishq is back to his beautiful cosmic best with Sen which completes his mind tripology of Lyght and Fhorm. Futuristic strawberry soundscapes from binoculars and musical pieces inspired by binoculars and static caravans, flowing imaginations that are dedicated to all those who have wandered under liquid heavens that form the pace of everything and anything. Personally Ishq just wanders around and he says " I always liked music more profound, dissipation from binoculars but many people you know don't see it as nature but as Kosmischer Laufer. The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program". Sen is an album of extensive deep meditative arboreal professional acid binocular sounds that invoke images of the minds eye of green cloud forests and rainbow controlled beer gardens.

Limited edition of 150 glass mastered cds .

Spiritual Science - Steve Brand & Ishq

Artist: Steve Brand & Ishq
Title: Spiritual Science

sold out
Released: October 2017

Double cd release and remastered and re-worked by Brand at The Treehouse 2013-14

From the 2009 release notes:

Steve Brand says, "I'd been an Ishq (Matt Hillier) fan for about 3-4 years. I found his music as part of my complete immersion in Ultimae material (Ishq kept showing up in the 'If you like this, you’ll like this' area of iTunes). I bought 'Orchid' and was hooked. I love Matt's atmospheres and beats, the delicacy, expansiveness and expressiveness of feeling, and his intuitive and spiritual approach to music...really feels like home to me.

Matt had some free loops of his sounds on his site at that time and I couldn't resist - I used some in a piece and sent the piece to him, Matt kindly responded. I then suggested a collaboration. He quickly sent me a entire DVD of unique material...and here we are..very easy and organic. I think everyone will really enjoy these disks which are a very nice mingling of our individual sounds; you can hear the Ishq influence, but overall, probably a bit of a darker journey than his own work, but still spacious, organic, emotive."

Limited to 150 glass mastered double cd edition .

Sounds Of The Neutron - Orphic Signals

Artist: Orphic Signals
Title: Sounds Of The Neutron

sold out
Released: July 2017

After two albums of electro-acoustic ambience as The Ashes of Piemonte back in 2013 (on Time Released Sound and Twice Removed), Lee Norris and Wil Bolton return under the new guise of Orphic Signals, a more purely electronic, hardware-based project. 'Sounds of the Neutron' blends influences from ambient, drone, detroit techno, Berlin school and the BBC radiophonic workshop. A palette of analogue sequencers, loopers and vintage analogue keyboards plays slowly pulsing arpeggios and melodies, blurred and washed out with multiple reverb and delay pedals into droning, textural space music. Environmental sounds recorded by Richard Harvey at the Institut Laue-Langevin neutron science research centre in France provide an immersive and eerie backdrop to the music - the sounds of geiger counters and neutron detectors reflected in the walls of concrete blockhouses and control cabins. This is the sound of machines adrift, a hazy psychotropic soundtrack to a sci-fi vision of a lone scientist working on an abandoned space station. .

Zeal Monachorum - Plank And Ishq

Artist: Plank And Ishq
Title: Zeal Monachorum

sold out
Released: July 2017

Lee Norris and Matt Hillier have been busy in the studio over the winter months and present their fourth album as Plank and Ishq.
The organic and melodic sounds on Zeal Monachorum seem to have been sourced from deep woods and underground tunnels, where mysterious life forms breed and grow.
Assembled within hours, they manage to distil, like a magic time capsule, the essence of eternity in a few minutes. With a careful listen one is able to recognize, briefly, familiar sounds; a cricket on a hot summer night, boats dancing in moving waters. Blended with carefully filtered analog recordings and surrounded by an ensemble of vintage synthesizers. Plank and Ishq's music not only exists within those sounds, but in the space between them and in the way they interact with each other.

Nagual 3 - Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Nagual 3

sold out
Released: June 2017

Nagual 3 is housed in a square black box with mini cards for assorted artwork.Each box is numbered in gold ink. The 3rd Nagual collection from Txt collates 18 odd albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. Spiralling illusionary circuits of sound once again taking us out past the edge of reason into a reality of the imagination focused on the trip itself, not the future, not the past, not now. Limited to 70 copies worldwide

Music by

Darren McClure
Nacht Plank
Reverberant Evenings
James Shain
Joel Tammik
SleepyTown Manufacture
Off Land
Juta Takahashi
Mick Chillage
Tim Koch
Abandoned Communities

Metal - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Metal

sold out
Released: June 2017

United in a spirit of inquiry into head and ear-space, Lee Norris and Michael Gainford return with Metal.

Blending post-digital now-voyaging with a hefty hark-back, these sub-genre archaeologists draw on trajectories of early-mid '90s halcyon days and hybrids of IDM experimentalism and environmental space music.

The God Particle - Aythar

Artist: Aythar
Title: The God Particle

sold out
Released: April 2017

The God Particle was made in the spirit of magic number 7. This is the 7th album and celebrates 7 years in the world of ambient music by Aythar. After so many years, the desire for challenges and experimentation was still stimulated in preparing this new album. In offering this album not only for the fans of this music genre, but also for the ones, who just started to get to know it. The God Particle is for anyone who let themselves be carried away by the notes to an inner journey... Into a world, where you can go deep into your thoughts and feelings. Where you can find calmness and peace. A new relation with ourselves.

Ambient Forms - Sleepy Town Manufacture

Artist: Sleepy Town Manufacture
Title: Ambient Forms

sold out
Released: March 2017

Sleepy Town Manufacture AKA Alexander Ananev delivers his first long player for txt. featuring eleven tracks of emotionally driven ambience.

A Mesmerising tapestry of ethereal synths, nature, environmental tones, effortlessly encompassing subtle sonic interferences beautifully utilising anything from urban vibrations to distant machinery to captured woodland life, creating a soundtrack to your deepest lucid dream. Musically, revealing an evolving flow of captivating themes equally haunting as it is calming. Ambient Forms hypnotises you with a timeless quality that is sure to call you back again and again.

Aurora - Si Matthews

Artist: Si Matthews
Title: Aurora

sold out
Released: March 2017

Si Matthews returns with his eagerly awaited second album, this time for txt. his debut Tales Of Ten Worlds was an inspired piece of 90's Space Ambient Electronica that delighted fans of this era and showcased his talent for creating pure sonic escapism. On "Aurora" Simon takes this blue print light years ahead, forging a clearer identity and narrative, each piece shines like an exploding star and infinitely expanding with a sense of galactic wonderment and futuristic optimism for mankind.

Exulansis - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Exulansis

sold out
Serial:TXT M/C 2
Released: January 2017

Exulansis...The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it,whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness which allows music to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

Mick Chillage presents us with 10 pieces of music that clock in around 4 hours with remixes from surprise guests.

Limited to just 50 numbered boxes

Archetypes Of Light Vol 1 - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Archetypes Of Light Vol 1

sold out
Serial:TXTMATT 3
Released: Febuary 2017

Two new albums representing a period of immense personal change for Ishq, a sensory bridge between everything lost and all that remains, from the meticulous precision of high summer skies into the dark beauty of a winter spent reflecting in all directions, free of limitation.

Gently stripped patterns of pure Cornish minimal tech, shifting outwards and forever onwards to the looping edges of deep space, a darker, timeless, broken beauty smiling with you as it all makes endless sense and navigates the void.

Archetypes Of Light Vol 2 - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Archetypes Of Light Vol 2

sold out
Serial:TXTMATT 4
Released: Febuary 2017

Further out, elaborately precise textual machinations opening wide infinite paths of circuits mixed and blended with the collapse of reality, if we aren't dreaming this and somehow are here, now, we find the positive valence soars, taking us past the point of earthly complications, full circle, held safe within chaos.

Broken Apart By Echoes - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Broken Apart By Echoes

sold out
Released: January 2017

In 2016 Autumn Of communion started work on "Broken Apart By Moonlight" A boxset that comprised of 5 mini CD's, each CD had one ambient peace spanning 22 minutes, the maximum running time for the mini CD's.

During these sessions a total of seven pieces where composed and Lee and Mick had the difficult decision of what tracks went on the boxset.

The two orphaned tracks luckily found a home on the Nagual 2 USB album collection as "Broken Apart By Echoes" and for those that missed the collection a digital download was made available through bandcamp.

Its now early Autumn 2016 and as work on the 5 CD boxset of "Broken Apart By moonlight" almost comes to a close, Autumn Of Communion have been overflowing with inspiration and ideas and have created an additional piece. Now it only seems fitting to release a limited CD version of Broken Apart By Echoes" with three tracks! Clocking in at close to 70 minutes this should delight those who have requested a CD version.

Dream Of Stars - Aythar

Artist: Aythar
Title: Dream Of Stars

sold out
Released: November 2016

The origins are sought across the infinite universe but lies in our innermost being.
"While listening to the very special cosmic world of sounds, I find myself in distant galaxies, taking over the vibrations of the Universe's planets and star systems, while almost feeling the great mystical entity, where we resonate with all creation! A truly amazing spiritual experience! Listening with closed eyes is even more special, because not only we feel, but we see what the vibrations that the music is conveying!"

The Guide Lockstars Of Astro Myrmex - S.E.T.I.

Artist: S.E.T.I.
Title: The Guide Lockstars Of Astro Myrmex

sold out
Released: November 2016

01 Instrument Calibration
02 Mirach
03 Black Engines
04 Gravity Stupor
05 Adhil
06 Almach
07 LoS Jitter Summary

Recorded between 1984 and 2016. Mixed and rendered at Studio FWD.

Astro Myrmex continues the journey initiated by the Nibiru Cataclysm via the various paths previously described in 'The Data Logs of Astro Myrmex'. In order to navigate the vast regions of interstellar loneliness, guide 'lockstars' are identified and used as signposts. To document the deep space anomalies encountered, a soundtrack of events has been composed and presented here.

These recordings sometimes contain programming and compositing incidents that may seem out of place. They are to be considered part of the audio image and not discarded as errors.

Good bass response recommended for faithful rendition of recorded material.


Artist: MO-DU
Title: MOD01

sold out
Released: October 2016

MO-DU is Jan Jiskra.
MOD01 was originally released on cassette and limited to just 70 copies!!
MOD01 was recorded during 2014-2015 in Prague, using mostly analog synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers and effects.
MO-DU says this about MOD01

"With any type of creation you create what's inside of you, subconsciously that influences you.

Anything that take you off into another world, escapism, thats what I like. I'm not so crazy about the reality of everything. I like a lot of fantasy, and that's what I try to create, to get away, to become moved"

Limited to 150 cd's

Sycorax - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Sycorax

sold out
Released: September 2016

Autumn of Communion are back with a limited cd just before the release of their epic opus Broken Apart by Moolight boxset. Sycorax follows the same path as Polydueces and Autumn of Communion 4.

Sycorax leaps out and is almost cheekily fresh, firmly strident, fizzing with bubbles of acidic bass lines,and beautiful ambient textures all the wheels inside of wheels. New, now, but equally timelessly mature, older and wiser.

This is Autumn of Communion for long journeys, for being transported, deep into space..hurtling forwards on repeat full volume while diving down cosmic lanes or paths, driving, riding, keeping pace with the elements as a storm breaks and passes Limited to just 150 with only 80 being sold on the txt website

Fhorm - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Fhorm

sold out
Released: August 2016

Ishq returns to txt with a follow up Lyght his first beautiful album for the label and now somthing of a collectors item.

This new album called Fhorm evokes vast shapes,vortices and pulsing osciliate geometries added with cosmic spaces.

It is very easy to be transported to a more peaceful and light filled world with the music of Ishq.

So often you hear electronic music that is so over-synthesized, or over-minimal (drone type music) but the sounds, voices and tones are meant for each other - an extraordinary marriage of sounds, sound effects and song. I simply think that each person will find something unique to gain from listening to this gem of an album.

Strictly limited to 100 glass mastered copies.

Broken Apart By Moonlight - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Broken Apart By Moonlight

sold out
Released: October 2016

Autumn will see AOC return with another strictly limited CD boxset.

The boxset "Broken Apart By Moonlight" will present AOC in a new format, each track will be long form and clocking in at twenty minutes plus and featured on its own mini CD, a total of five CDs in one release!

Blending post-digital now-voyaging with a hefty hark-back, these sub-genre archaeologists draw on trajectories of early-mid '90s halcyon days and hybrids of IDM experimentalism and environmental space music, tapping into rich veins fed by cult-classic Namlook-mediated albums of the period.

More structured than its predecessor, crossing several genre trails-purist, techno, dub, electronic, blurring their tracks, it interleaves more intense long-form pieces with dream-scape vignettes

If you enjoyed the first boxset then this is a must for serious collectors of AOC

Each box is numbered and comes with an artcard and AOC badge

How Slowly We Regret - Hakobune

Artist: Hakobune
Title: How Slowly We Regret

sold out
Released: July 2016

Hakobune's new How Slowly We Regret offers a light-headed darkness, a cloud to drift slowly within whilst blissfully hovering in warm air.

Reflecting beauty from the shadows, not the light, while drawing air in a beautifully vast muted choir.

Music for slow trips far away.

Limited to just 100 copies from the txt website

Elemental Labyrinth - Murkok

Artist: Murkok
Title: Elemental Labyrinth

sold out
Released: July 2016

Fitting in absolutely perfectly on Txt we have this solid new release from Murkok.

Slowly elevating, warm shimmering waves of magic from the very edge of Russia, deep engrossing trips into another perspective, another complete world of his own design. Acknowledging a shared aesthetic with Hakobune and The Ashes of Piemonte, amongst others in the Txt family, Murkok's serene sound challenges us to go a little further out, across the gulf to where his sound is born bubbling with fuzzy focus and and a hint of beautiful darkness.

Limited to 100 copies with only 70 sold on the txt website

Nagual 2 - Various

Artist: Various
Title: Nagual 2

sold out
Released: June 2016

This second Nagual collection from Txt collates 14 albums together into one vast, mind-meltingly beautiful mass. Spiralling illusionary circuits of sound once again taking us out past the edge of reason into a reality of the imagination focused on the trip itself, not the future, not the past, not now. Limited to 70 copies worldwide

Music by

Mick Chillage
Off Land
Darren McClure
Autumn Of Communion
Reverberant Evenings
Circle Of Pines
Chris Weeks
James Shain
Canopy of Stars

Arena Of Apprehension - The Angling Loser

Artist: The Angling Loser
Title: Arena Of Apprehension

sold out
Released: July 2016

Limited glass mastered cd of 150 copies. Come in jewel case with 2 page booklet.
Photography by Lee Anthony Norris
Artwork by Nick Edell

If the first Angling Loser album was a gentle and bucolic excursion from daily life, blurred between the surface of our world and the world beneath the water, then the second album presents a trip into all the slow motions and reflections found much further out from the banks.

With strong echoes of the first, a familiar friendly voice but with stranger twists, hints of all being fine, a languid wandering float downstream and then we plunge out into the depths, taking us past where the sky and water try to touch and into dreams of fishes flying in and out of focus, while a solitary massively fragile guitar and bare piano keep us just this side of the lost within.

If there is a third Angling Loser album and if it follows the path set by the first two, we'll surely go over the edge and into a state of pure undulating perpetual beauty. Until then, this second work finds us closer to that edge than ever.

Broken Apart By Sunlight - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Broken Apart By Sunlight

sold out
Released: May/June 2016

Summer of 2016 will see AOC return with a strictly limited CD boxset.

The boxset "Broken Apart By Sunlight" will present AOC in a new format, each track will be long form and clocking in at twenty minutes plus and featured on its own mini CD, a total of five CDs in one release!

The direction of the music will see AOC taking the "Ambient" blue print through new sonic paths with experimentation and improvisation being the only brief

Into The Void - Stormloop

Artist: Stormloop
Title: Into The Void

sold out
Released: April 2016

Into the void was made over the autumn and winter months of 2014-2015.

It's basically a diary of sound from that time, and tells the tales of weekends spent with friends, cooking good food and drinking fine wine, watching old movies to bike rides at night. Into the Void evokes the dark days and nights of a foggy autumn then the coming frosts and snow in winter. Some of the tracks are quite meditative which is perfect for midnight, sleep music while others have a dark edge that paints the picture of bitter cold winter nights outside the comfort of home.

Zen Diagrams - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Zen Diagrams

sold out
Released: April 2016

Zen Diagrams was recorded in summer of 2015 and sees Mick exploring the relationship of various sound sources and production techniques to create an immersive synergy of calm head spaces and uneasy ambient listening environments.

With moments of space ambient echoing his "FAXology" album along with revisiting the subtle emotive touches of "Reverie" but again sculpting new sonic paths in Micks prolific and varied output.

Zen Diagrams was chosen for the "Nagual" USB album collection and after many requests for a CD release it seemed only fair to give the dedicated txt crowd what they wanted.

Limited to 100 glass mastered cds

Crows-an-Wra Volume 3 - Plank And Ishq

Artist: Plank And Ishq
Title: Crows-an-Wra Volume 3

sold out
Released: Febuary 2016

Lee Norris and Matt Hillier take a break from their Ishqamatics recordings and headed off to North Wales (Bala) to record Crows-an-Wra.

Having spent 1 month in total isolation at a friends studio the pair set about taking their Devon and Cornish influences to a new spiritual high.After the initial recordings were laid down in Bala the next place they headed towards was Ishq's home town of St Buryan in Cornwall.With the influence of Bala and Harlech mixed with magic potions and storys of Witches and Cornish Mermaids and astronauts the result is a magical mix of ambient experimental space music..A technical glitch in the cosmic crowbar!! A consise study in magnetic sounds and shoestrings!!Crows-an-Wra is spread over 3 volumes and all released on the same day.

Each volume is Limited to just 100 copies.

Crows-an-Wra Volume 2 - Plank And Ishq

Artist: Plank And Ishq
Title: Crows-an-Wra Volume 2

sold out
Released: Febuary 2016

Lee Norris and Matt Hillier take a break from their Ishqamatics recordings and headed off to North Wales (Bala) to record Crows-an-Wra.

Having spent 1 month in total isolation at a friends studio the pair set about taking their Devon and Cornish influences to a new spiritual high.After the initial recordings were laid down in Bala the next place they headed towards was Ishq's home town of St Buryan in Cornwall.With the influence of Bala and Harlech mixed with magic potions and storys of Witches and Cornish Mermaids and astronauts the result is a magical mix of ambient experimental space music..A technical glitch in the cosmic crowbar!! A consise study in magnetic sounds and shoestrings!!Crows-an-Wra is spread over 3 volumes and all released on the same day.

Each volume is Limited to just 100 copies.

Crows-an-Wra Volume 1 - Plank And Ishq

Artist: Plank And Ishq
Title: Crows-an-Wra Volume 1

sold out
Released: Febuary 2016

Lee Norris and Matt Hillier take a break from their Ishqamatics recordings and headed off to North Wales (Bala) to record Crows-an-Wra.

Having spent 1 month in total isolation at a friends studio the pair set about taking their Devon and Cornish influences to a new spiritual high.After the initial recordings were laid down in Bala the next place they headed towards was Ishq's home town of St Buryan in Cornwall.With the influence of Bala and Harlech mixed with magic potions and storys of Witches and Cornish Mermaids and astronauts the result is a magical mix of ambient experimental space music..A technical glitch in the cosmic crowbar!! A consise study in magnetic sounds and shoestrings!!Crows-an-Wra is spread over 3 volumes and all released on the same day.

Each volume is Limited to just 100 copies.

Polydeuces - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Polydeuces

sold out
Released: March 2016

The return marks a new chapter in the collaborative series entitled "Polydeuces" gone are the numbering sequence of the previous chapter.

"Polydeuces" see's AOC working on instinct rather than a preconceived concept, purposely avoiding discussions on equipment or process.

By letting only their inspiration guide them through "Poly Deuces" is possibly AOC's most diverse and deepest work to date.

Exploring the "Ambient Soundscape" in a deeply experimental, psychedelic, melodic & emotive way.

T-Shirts - TXT

Artist: TXT
Title: T-Shirts

sold out
Released: November 2015


Here is some information about our t-shirts. They are produced in limited quantities and are professionally screen-printed by hand. As anybody in the industry will tell you, done correctly screen printed ink does not crack and will outlast even the best quality t-shirt.

Sizes in Med, Large and XL
Colours available Ash Grey ,Red, & Navy Blue

Please specify your colour and size in the PayPal comments when ordering.
Allow up to 2 weeks for your tshirt to arrive

Night Works - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Night Works

sold out
Released: January 2016

Re released on glass mastered cd by demand from the ...txt mailing list.

This is part of all the cdr albums re issued on the label.

Limited to just 100 glass mastered cd's.

Night Works conveys a range of emotions that the closing twilight hours can often bring. Deep soundscapes shift like moonlight as shadows in darkness crawl across a lost landscape. Occasionally there's a sense of melodic comfort, like being cocooned in the warm atmosphere of your own home while some moments invite you to venture outside to witness the nocturnal activities of a vast darkness. Like a storm from nowhere, strange unidentified frequencies emerge in the distance and converse like a room of spirits that echo the sound of past nightmares. Glimmers of light appear as cities dream of hi-rise sunsets.

Every Man Is The End Of A Day - Reverberant Evenings

Artist: Reverberant Evenings
Title: Every Man Is The End Of A Day

sold out
Released: January 2016

The last release of 2015 on ...txt

The wonderfully warm minimalistic approach to Reverberant Evening's ambient music is fine tuned and seamless.Each track evolves naturally and blends into the next creating a long-form journey.This album is worth every second of time spent whether for meditation purposes or focus for studying/reading.

Every Man is the End Of The Day is more than just background music. It is impossible not to become completely immersed in Reverberant Evening's overflow of airy tension and emotional movement.This style of composition and production is so incredibly powerful, it's hard to find another form of music that can be so moving and so content in itself at the same time.

Limited to 100 cd's

Nagual - Various

Artist: Various
Title: Nagual

sold out
Released: December 2015

Nagual is housed in a square black box with mini cards for assorted artwork.

Each box is numbered in gold ink.

Limited to just 60 boxes and only 45 available to order from the txt website due to each artist being given a box for their involvement in the project.

Nagual features albums by

Nacht Plank
Mick Chillage
Eric Taylor
Shambala Networks
Darren McClure
Reverberent Evenings
Lingua Lustra
Emmanuel Toledo & Lauri Hallikainen
Sir Cliff
James Shain
Off Land

Nihil - Lorenzo Montana

Artist: Lorenzo Montana
Title: Nihil

sold out
Released: 9th November 2015

Fresh from his collaboration with Alio Die on their earthy trippy Holographic Codex album.Lorenzo Montana finally finds his spiritual home here at txt

After a string of releases on Fax with Pete Namlook and more recently on the excellent Carpe Sonum label, Lorenzo delivers a beautiful crafted masterpiece that you will return to time and time again.

Nihil is the night, seen and interpreted from different situations and places, like a film that tells a journey of images, where the intangible aspects are manifested.

A journey through places and atmospheres that merge into a dream night.

Limited to 150

In-Between Spaces - Porya Hatami And Darren McClure

Artist: Porya Hatami And Darren McClure
Title: In-Between Spaces

sold out
Released: 9th November 2015

This is the first full length collaboration between Porya Hatami and Darren McClure. Both artists have shared a mutual respect for each other's work over the years, and in the Spring of 2014 they began a project together that slowly and organically unfolded between Iran and Japan resulting in this album.

Rough edges collide with smooth surfaces creating tactile layers of ambience, through which sparse piano and synths rise to the fore. Field recordings and drones have been woven with melodies and harmonic tones. From these elements, five tracks explore the intersection between opposing textures, the interplay between different shades and the hidden moments of in-between spaces.Limited edition of 150 copies.

Ambient Collection - Solipsism

Artist: Solipsism
Title: Ambient Collection

sold out
Released: September 2015

This USB 'Box Set' represents the vast bulk of ambient work that stretches back to around 2006 or 2007. It also features a previously unreleased ambient EP that was made made entirely by manipulated electric guitar. All of the other albums and tracks in the Collections album have been released and some of the music featured in this collection has been featured on major radio stations such as BBC6 Music and TV stations such as Channel 4 in the UK. I'd like to thank Lee Norris for releasing this collection through ...txt and Chris Weeks for the artwork designs on my releases. Craig Murphy_Scotland 2015
Limited to 30 numbered boxes

Infinite Perspectives - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Infinite Perspectives

sold out
Released: 9th November 2015

Mick Chillage returns to txt this autumn with "Infinite Perspectives" Mick is always concerned about not repeating himself and stretches out his ambient tone poems in various sonic shapes . Taking a slightly more minimalist approach than his previous "Reverie" Infinite Perspectives" explores the relationship between composition and experimentation which results in seven ambient pieces that stir the imagination and soul in equal measure.
Limited to 150 cds

The Last Winter - Shambala Networks

Artist: Shambala Networks
Title: The Last Winter

sold out
Released: 21 September 2015

"The Last Winter" by Shambala Networks really captivates the listener's mind, and invites him to travel through all of the compositions. This journey is distinguished by its multidimensional or multilateral character: different points are described here by the means of ambient music: "Eso. Evszazad. Tenger." ("Rain. Century. Sea."), "Fiatal Galaxishalmaz" ("Young Galaxies"), "Lebeges" ("Levitation"), "Olajfestekes fal" ("Oil-painted Wall") The Last Winter" unfolds with a quite mind-bending dark-infused ambience colored by various, gently outbursting radio frequencies, noises, hisses and organic oddments. Moving through intensely increasing elevations as well as through declining stillness. But guarding above is stunningly gorgeous undulating blanket of warmer panoramic washes embellished by briskly swirling effects quietly ride on distant horizons and produce a totally mind-blowing outcome!!! Limited to 100 cds only.Dont miss this beautiful double album.

Raintime - Sage Taylor

Artist: Sage Taylor
Title: Raintime

sold out
Released: 21 September 2015

Sage Taylor's masterpiece that is Raintime is now released on ...txt on a glorious glass masterd cd.Originally available as a cdr on the label Pronounce who also released Broad Tape Band by Nacht Plank.I was sent Raintime by the owner of Pronounce and fell in love with it's beautiful melodic ambience. Eleven rain-themed ambient tracks with each song transitioning to the next using rain samples, providing the listener with a silence-free experience and the impression of one long track.

dwell_tevvel_structure - Arovane

Artist: Arovane
Title: dwell_tevvel_structure

sold out
Released: 28 September 2015

Long time friend and German master of sound Uwe Zahn releases his beautiful Arovane album on ...txt Uwe describes dwell tevvel structure _ My goal was to use this techniques to build up musical structures and to go deep into particles of sound. My experimentation and research led me to drone structures, clouds of resonating tones and dense, complex spectres.For this album i've created a couple of so called 'structures', 20-40 minute audio tracks using granular synthesis technique. I arrange the structures in a larger composition. I took audio samples out of it to granulize again and repeat this process to archieve a microscopic level of sound.

Arovane has released his previous albums on City Centre Offices and DIN and Vertical Form.He is currently working on albums with our dear friend Porya Hatami and Nacht Plank.Buy into this beautiful and haunting sound and you won't be disappointed.Limited to 150 glass mastered cd's.

3.5/Solar Image - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: 3.5/Solar Image

sold out
Released: August 2015
Double cd from Autumn Of Communion. 3.5 was released originally on cdr and limited to 60 copies and has to be one of the most sought after Aoc releases. Solar Image was released as a bandcamp special and was only available as a digital release. Now is the chance to own these beautiful albums on this stunning collection. The double cd comes with a postcard featuring the magical artwork of Nick Edell along with a mini card with the number of your cd. Strictly limited to just 150 copies this is sure to become a collectors item in the future and caps off all the Aoc albums on cd. Dont miss out...
6 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: 6

sold out
Released: 1 August 2015
The final(yes you thought 5 was the end) Autumn of Communion release ever. After interest from fans who wanted this album availble on cd.. Well here it is! Originally released on the limited Autumn of Communion-1-6 usb boxset(60 copies) Here is your chance to own the this beautiful album.Mega limited run of 100 glass mastered cds. Over 60 minutes of blissed out ambience from Mick Chillage and Lee Norris
1_Autumn Echo 1
2_Autumn Echo 2
3_Autumn Echo 3
Statuettes - Milieu

Artist: Milieu
Title: Statuettes

sold out
Released: 20 September 2015
Milieu is Brian Grainger, a prolific Impressionist from the subtropical southeastern US. With about a dozen monikers and nearly five-hundred releases behind him, his growing body of work continues to mutate, seemingly with a mind of its own. STATUETTES is his debut for Txt, an ambient work in two halves, leading the listener by the ear through the mind's eye and into the surreal and colourful arboretum of Brian's atmospheric fantasies. At times, light and airy, at others, darker and isolated. Always melodic, always with a sense of gravity and time having slowly worn away the chiseled edges of his monuments, presented here in soft sadness. Limited to 150 glass mastered cd's
The Data Logs Of Astro Myrmex - S.E.T.I.

Artist: S.E.T.I.
Title: The Data Logs Of Astro Myrmex

sold out
Released: 20 July 2015
The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence should be secondary to the search for those outlanders already present on our planet. The National Security Agency and World Defence departments, particularly in America, not only know of their existence but are aiding them with the supply of monitored abduction subjects and E.S.P. - capable Intuitive Communicators. These Grey Projects are hidden behind "above top secret" Black Projects, where not even those orchestrating the Black Projects are aware of what is going on under their command. With the Earth's population increasing almost exponentially, a catastrophe is being prepared for, or is being prepared for us? S.E.T.I. has previously recorded for Touch and Ash international Limited to 150 glass mastered cds.
1-6 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: 1-6

sold out
Released: 29 May 2015
Collection of Autumn of Communion albums all on one usb stick!
Wooden usb stick housed in a wooden box with a small card inside numbering each box.
Mega limited to just 60 copies and featuring Autumn of Communion 6 which is an unreleased album exclusive to this set.

This set features the albums:
Autumn of Communion 1
Autumn of Communion 2
Autumn of Communion 3
Autumn of Communion 3.5
Autumn of Communion 3.9
Autumn of Communion 4
Autumn of Communion 5
Autumn of communion 6
Whisper Collector - Tsone

Artist: Tsone
Title: Whisper Collector

sold out
Released: 20 May 2015
tsone is Tony Obr, a composer, sound artist, and media designer whose work attempts to redefine the boundaries of musicality and the place of sound in music. Whisper Collector is tsone's first release for txt recordings. Whisper Collector takes ,as its point of departure,sound as a sublime presence appearing on different scales; from the enormous and overpowering, to the subtle and reflective, while deftly exploring the in-between. Music generating systems operating within the boundaries of their own internal logic (while also allowing some room for human agency) generated the organic sonic textures found throughout the album. As with all tsone albums, Whisper Collector is a continuation of Tony's exploration of sound as a vehicle for bringing mindful awareness to everyday experience. Limited to 100 copies
Microcosmacrocosm - Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg

Artist: Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg
Title: Microcosmacrocosm

sold out
Released: 20 May 2015

Re release of the classic album microcosmacrocosm by alien mutation vs indigo egg which was released on Kinetix in 1996. If you dont know these 2 artists they are none other than the late Jake Stephenson(Crystal Moon) and Matt Hiller(Ishq)

This is a double cd featuring the original album on disc 1 while disc 2 features the extended ep trk and 2 other unreleased extended tracks.Most of the second cds not been released at all.

Super limited to 150 copies and comes with brand new artwork by Ishq.

Tensegrity - Various

Artist: Various
Title: Tensegrity

sold out
Released: 20 April 2015

Tensegrity, tensional integrity or floating compression, is a structural principle based on the use of isolated components in compression inside a net of continuous tension, in such a way that the compressed members (usually bars or struts) do not touch each other and the prestressed tensioned members (usually cables or tendons) delineate the system spatially.. The first txt compilation featuring artists who will be releasing music on the label in the future.

Tracks from Ishq,Porya Hatami and Lee Norris,Solipsism,Lackluster,Milieu,Wil Bolton just to name a few..Artwork by resident txt artist Nick Edell Limited to just 100 glass mastered copies..

Everyday Feels Like A New Drug - Lee Anthony Norris and Porya Hatami

Artist: Lee Anthony Norris and Porya Hatami
Title: Everyday Feels Like A New Drug

sold out
Released: 1 March 2015

Originally released as a limited cdr on Unknown Tone Recordings it was clear to me that this beautiful album deserved releasing on txt on a glass glass mastered disc.

This is the first album Lee and Porya recorded before their second album which was released on the superb Carpe Sonum label in America

Everday is new drug is a beautiful,haunting work and just as endearing as the duo's Longing Daylight release.

Limited to 90 copies

5 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: 5

sold out
Released: 15 January 2015
AOC have decided to finish the series with a beautiful ambient album that im sure will delight you all who have followed their journey from it's birth on Namlook's Fax label to Carpe Sonum and their spiritual home on ...txt Bon Voyage!
2011_14 - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: 2011_14

sold out
Serial:TXT M/C
Released: 1 December 2014
To celebrate the release of Mick's new album Reverie we have decided to release a special usb boxset called 2011_14 that showcases his ambient works from his first release on fax and txt to Carpe Sonum.This collection does not include his most recent album Reverie but also includes an unreleased album. This collection is limited to 60 boxes and all come numbered with a postcard

The albums on this collection are
Unreleased bonus album
Cluster - Stormloop

Artist: Stormloop
Title: Cluster

sold out
Serial:TXT S/L
Released: 17 November 2014
Stormloop is Kev Spence from Leeds, England who has been making electronic and ambient recordings since 1999. Composing usually late into the night, watching the heavy snowfalls was the inspiration for these tracks, and the feeling of been lost in some remote cabin, safe but warm, with good food and drink, staring out at the depths of winter snow that covers the land.. These crystalline soundscapes,take us from the cold winter nights, then out towards the bleakness of space. Cluster is an authentic full-immersion into the cold and space. The sold metal usb stick is engraved comes housed in a metal box sporting the ...txt logo
This is a collection of 5 Stormloop albums
2003 - 2013 - Nacht Plank

Artist: Nacht Plank
Title: 2003 - 2013

sold out
Released: 15 October 2014

"2003-2013" and will consist of the following albums all on 1 usb stick
1.Septs Vents
2.Lost and Damaged
3.Broad Tape Band
4.Maria Sabina Cubensis
5.Psychology Of Religion and Understanding St Catherine
6.Echo Ark

I like to think of this collection as my non drone work and a totally different set of ambient music compared to the Sacraments Council boxset.
Will be a deluxe set in the same vein as the recent Ashes Of Piemonte box as these look stunning.

6 albums in total.
Mega limited to 50 copies..Immerse yourself in the the Nacht Plank years.

Waterbound - Ishqamatics

Artist: Ishqamatics
Title: Waterbound

sold out
Serial:TXT 16
Released: 27 November 2014

Ishq and Metamatics continue their journey through the elements and this time end up underwater!!
This is an epic album spawning over 2 hours of music which takes up 2 cds.
Ishqamatics follow their trademark sound of dubby ambient music that bubbles and slowly emerges into a meandering head echo of a water salad.
Super limited and out when the wintery nights take a grip on our lives...Dive into Waterbound....

The Ashes Of Piemonte - The Ashes Of Piemonte

Artist: The Ashes Of Piemonte
Title: The Ashes Of Piemonte

sold out
Serial:TXT XXX
Released: 15 September 2014

The Ashes Of Piemonte are Lee Norris and Wil Bolton.
Here for the first time are their albums together that were released on Time Released Sound and Twice Removed. Comes on an iron square usb stick and housed in a metal tin.
Comes complete with postcard and an exclusive remix by mick chillage.

Quiet Life - Dr Atmo

Artist: Dr Atmo
Title: Quiet Life

sold out
Released: October 2014

Two years have passed since the first request from British music label txt. And more than three years of painstakingly crafted and carefully arranged sounds have flowed into the production.

Ten years after his first album sound artist Dr.Atmo introduces "Quiet Life" the first album out under his own name. Eight meditational tracks in downright classic ambient style, meandering like a brook through the Far East, on a journey through distant lands. Of oriental origin himself, in the spirit of former chill-out days, the Doctor reveals himself to be an itinerant wanderer and cosmopolitan collector, always scattering regional instruments and sounds into his translucent scapes to give them an ethnic depth. A prime example of this is "Road" and "Hang Garden" where their Iranian and Kurdish spirit is drawn from the strings of the kamancheh. Or the Indonesian influences of "Batubulan" and "Subak" with the captivating bamboo sounds of the angklung. The exotic instruments were in part played by local musicians on Atmos' travels to foreign climes. In addition the chill-out master utilizes old radio recordings as well as the playful skills of Berlin-based Hassam Ramzy student Michael Metzler (hang). In this way Dr. Atmo avoids any dull sound-block-pushing. More than the half of the album is actually live recording. This leads to an incredibly vivid organic and dynamic sound, despite its tonal reduction.

In that respect, special aural attention has been earned by the track "Find your Home", drawn with a fine pop-quill: with the lyrical harp playing by Simonetta as well as the alluring voice of Nuwella Love (amongst others Atmo And The Lightz) this modern lullaby ensures that even the most wound-up listener will fall into their pillows totally relaxed. A further highlight is tucked away right at the end of the album. Here Dr. Atmo managed to get none other than the godfather of chill, Mixmaster Morris, to collaborate on a happily pulsating track in the style of Cluster, the Krautrock band from Düsseldorf.

In this way, eight tracks were created and melt away, like mirages shimmering over hot asphalt, somewhere between illusion and reality, clarity and poetry, tradition and modernity.

The fact that "Quiet Life" is part of the musical tradition of the old FAX releases also has its reasons. Not only did Dr. Atmo lay the foundations stone for his career with classics like "Omid/Hope" on Peter Kuhlmann's label. But txt-label head Anthony Norris is also a dyed-in-the-wool Pete Namlook fan of the first hour. One could perhaps see "Quiet Life" as a homage to the various FAX founders of 2012. Chill in peace.


01 Sunshine and the Sea 3:36
02 Find Your Home 5:49
03 Komm Tr�umen 3:56
04 Road 5:09
05 Hang Garden 8:11
06 Batubulan 6:04
07 Subak 4:15
08 Secret of Mother 6:30

Sacraments Council - Nacht Plank

Artist: Nacht Plank
Title: Sacraments Council

sold out
Serial:TXT XX
Released: 04 August 2014

2013 seen the release of lots of Nacht Plank albums on various labels. Most of the releases were very just 30-40 copies and sold out straight away and making it impossible for the music to be heard for those who did not buy them. Now all them releases are available on a wooden usb stick and housed in a wooden box. just 50 copies and each box numbered. The package consists of the following albums_

Notes from an Open Window
Notes from an Open Window 2
Second Sacraments Council
Third Sacraments Council
Unthejiv Forest(unreleased)

3.9 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: 3.9

sold out
Serial:TXT 14
Released: July/August 2014

Lee and Mick are back at the controls this time with Ishq taking over on the mixing duties. 3.9 is a remix of the digitally only release Solar Image and features 3 different mixes of the track by Mick Chillage,Ishq and Nacht Plank.
Autumn of Communion return in Autumn with the much anticipated Autumn Of Communion 4

Reverie - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Reverie

sold out
Serial:TXT 11
Released: July/August 2014

Mick Chillage(Autumn of Communion with Lee Anthony Norris) is back on ...txt, his spiritual home.
Mick's new album counts in six tracks of deep emotive ambience that flickers between minimalistic piano compositions, drones and lush ambient textures..
Reverie a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts.. a daydream

A Glimmer Of Memory - Simon Lomax

Artist: Simon Lomax
Title: A Glimmer Of Memory

sold out
Serial:TXT 12
Released: May 2014

I've often thought about the way that we perceive memories. It was one early morning when I was out running in the Somerset countryside seeing a few rays of sunlight breaking through the cloud cover, illuminating just a few areas of the ground so intensely, that I saw the metaphor; our memories are like spot-lit glimpses into our past.

Inspired, I set about exploring some of my own most vivid memories and giving them a soundtrack. The result is A Glimmer of Memory

Hidden Harmonic - Experiments In Silence

Artist: Experiments In Silence
Title: Hidden Harmonic

sold out
Serial:TXT 10
Released: May 2014

This is the debut album from Experiments in Silence, the soundscape and experimental ambient project of Neil Butler from Spatialize, featuring 2 tracks co-written with Matt Hillier of Ishq. The modus operandi of this project is to compose quickly and fluently at those moments when music leans in and quietly asks for expression. Granular textures, analogue synths, deep reverbs and field recordings make up the tapestry of this minimal ambient work.Deep, dark and beautiful.
Artwork by Ishq

Italian Works - Lee Anthony Norris

Artist: Lee Anthony Norris
Title: Italian Works

sold out
Serial:TXT X
Released: April 2014

Over the past 18 months i have released well over 25 albums and most of them recorded in Italy.This double cd set is a continuous mix of some of the tracks i made while living in Northern Italy.The album features music from my Nacht Plank and The Angling Loser projects and highlights my ongoing collaborations with Mick Chillage as Autumn Of Communion,Ishq as Ishqamatics,Ashtoreth's Gate with Craig Murphy,The Ashes Of Piemonte with Wil Bolton,Moss Garden with Dimitar Dodovski and with Porya Hatami...Over 2 hours of music.


Echo Ark - Nacht Plank

Artist: Nacht Plank
Title: Echo Ark

sold out
Released: March 2014

Lee Norris kicks off 2014 with a new ambient album as Nacht Plank called Echo Ark. If you are a follower of the Autumn of Communion, Ishqamatics and Ashtoreth's Gate sound then you will know what to expect. Echo Ark stays true to the sound of ...txt and is in tune with the other quality releases on the label.
Arwork by Ishq.

100 numbered copies.

After the Silence - Reverberant Evenings

Artist: Reverberant Evenings
Title: After the Silence

sold out
Released: 06 January 2014

Reverberant Evenings is from Sicily.To his friends he's known as Pietro Bonanno.

His music is Ambient drone organic textures...to sollecitate your memory by your ears...A beautiful album to be played most evenings in all seasons.

The Silent Orbiter - Move D

Artist: Move D
Title: The Silent Orbiter

sold out
Released: January 2014

David Moufang also known as Move D releases his deep, epic ambient opus The Silent Orbiter on txt. He's released on Fax, Warp as well as his own Source label under the Move D moniker also on previous projects Deep Space Network, Intergalactic Federation with Dr Atmo and Reagenz and not forgetting the many collaborations with the late Pete Namlook. This is David's personal tribute to his friend Pete Namlook.

Spacebound - Ishqamatics

Artist: Ishqamatics
Title: Spacebound

sold out
Released: 02 December 2013

Spacebound by Ishq and Metamatics is the duo's second album hot on the heels of their first album Earthbound..released on Anodize. Spacebound is a trip into space dealing in lush soundscapes and beautiful haunting melodys mixed with field recordings and otherworldly noises.
150 glass mastered copies

Autumn Of Communion 3.5 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Autumn Of Communion 3.5 Rhea(Explored)

sold out
Released: 08 November 2013

As a special one off we are releasing a mega limited album by Autumn of Communion.
just 60 copies with 50 copies just for sale.It wont be available anywhere else apart from the ...txt shop

Autumn of Communion 3.5 features just one track called Rhea(explored)clocking in at 60 minutes and comes in a square metal tin with postcards(artwork by the great Wayne Duffy)

Autumn of Communion 3.5 will be shipped the same day as Autumn of Communion 3 in October/November

Autumn Of Communion 3 - Autumn Of Communion

Artist: Autumn Of Communion
Title: Autumn Of Communion 3

sold out
Released: 08 November 2013

A trip through time and space as Lee Norris and Mick Chillage embark on a new chapter as Autumn Of Communion.A blissed out ambient journey that visits fictional planets deep in some far off solar system.This is ambient music for the mind,body and soul. 150 glass mastered copies wordwide

Peregrination - Eeem

Artist: Eeem
Title: Peregrination

sold out
Released: 08 November 2013

Helsinki based electronic musician Emmanuel Toledo, under moniker Eeem [eim], likes to describe himself as the combination of a field recordist,a sound designer and an ambient storyteller. His works take up from Finnish nature to Megacities, a long as birds are present and there is a story to tell, a moment in life to remember. Inspiration comes from own experiences and from literature. 'Peregrination' is a collection of those past works, following a similar musical construction: field recordings are processed and blended in an iterative process, adding layers of analog and digital synthesis and effects.Such Soudscapes are meant to be like scenes captured with long-exposure photographs. 100 glass mastered copies worldwide

Shadow Of The Bowman - Ashtoreth's Gate

Artist: Ashtoreth's Gate
Title: Shadow Of The Bowman

sold out
Released: 22 August 2013

Shadow Of The Bowman by Ashtoreth's Gate is a deep, dark and cerebral journey into the etheric planes, where thundering drones power their way through a vast collage of experimental tones and frequencies. Seriously deep ambient music on an epic scale. 50 numbered copies. Artwork by Scott Bellew.

Opiate Odyssey - Solipsism & Nacht Plank

Artist: Solipsism & Nacht Plank
Title: Opiate Odyssey

sold out
Released: 22 August 2013

Opiate Odyssey is a deep excursion into an abstract alternate reality exquisitely imagined by Solipsism & Nacht Plank. Hypnotic analogue textures and delightful melodies are beautifully interwoven with moments of genuine weirdness to create expansive thought provoking arrangements that transport you to another realm. 50 numbered copies. Art by Wayne Duffy and design by Nicholas Edell.

Night Works - Special Edition - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Night Works - Special Edition

sold out
Released: 30 November 2012

Night Works conveys a range of emotions that the closing twilight hours can often bring. Deep soundscapes shift like moonlight as shadows in darkness crawl across a lost landscape. Occasionally there's a sense of melodic comfort, like being cocooned in the warm atmosphere of your own home while some moments invite you to venture outside to witness the nocturnal activities of a vast darkness. Like a storm from nowhere, strange unidentified frequencies emerge in the distance and converse like a room of spirits that echo the sound of past nightmares. Glimmers of light appear as cities dream of hi rise sunsets. 50 numbered cds

Lyght - Ishq

Artist: Ishq
Title: Lyght

sold out
Released: 21 December 2012

Light...............The ever changing expression of the creative spark, the truth within obscured only by ones own perception.Shimmering reflexions, piercing warmth,delicate textures .......Lyght...Ishq. 100 numbered cds

Maria Sabina Cubensis - Nacht Plank

Artist: Nacht Plank
Title: Maria Sabina Cubensis

sold out
Released: 27 August 2012

10 pieces mixed into a melting kaleidoscope of organic cubensis.. windswept weathered tones tangled with memories of a forgotten past forge the new nacht plank album into a sea of an enviromental jumble sale...human contribtutions from sense,mick chillage and tim koch..otherworld mixes from craig murphy, joel tammik and wil bolton..offshore interference from coppice halifax, arbee and env(itre) and japanese nuclear scientist shintaro aoki.

Soliloquy - Solipsism

Artist: Solipsism
Title: Soliloquy

sold out
Released: 02 February 2012

Soliloquy is the latest release from Glasgow's Craig Murphy under his Solipsism moniker. The album sees Murphy's heavily-processed electric guitar manipulated and moulded into moving slices of emotional Ambient music, where pulsating drones create rich and atmospheric backdrops for the gentle melodies and sweeping tones to weave their magic.

Night Works - Mick Chillage

Artist: Mick Chillage
Title: Night Works

sold out
Released: 21 December 2011

...txt's first release sees Mick Chillage deliver his trademark synth work in the delicious Ambient album, Night Works. Fresh on the heels of his Faxology album on the legendary Fax Label, Night Works is sure to delight his ever-growing fanbase with it's rich atmospheres and undulating tones.

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